Advanced Care for Color Treated Hair

Hair color can dramatically alter your looks. With just a few strokes of hair color or subtle highlights, a good stylist can create an entirely new look. The trend of color treating hair has taken a turn for the better with the advent of do-it-yourself hair colorants.

The first hair coloring trend that caught on was bleaching. Although people no longer choose the completely bleached look, they love highlighting their hair by bleaching the tips of the hair. Then, there are the temporary color treatments done using metallic dyes. These dyes are relatively safe for the hair but will wash out fast.

If you would like your hair color to stay on for longer, choose semi-permanent colors that are less damaging than the permanent ones. Finally, if you are very particular about getting a permanent hair color, the best advice hair experts will give you is, to get it done by a stylist to minimize damage to the hair.

Color treated hair demands the use of special products. For this reason, it is important to use sulfate free shampoo such as Keranique. Take a look at the Keranique hair reviews and you will learn that the sulfate-free and pH balanced shampoo and conditioner in this range are safe for use on color treated hair.

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