Keranique Adds Shine to Hair

Wondering why your hair strands don’t exude shine? According to experts, there could be several reasons. Hair problems often arise as a cumulative effect of different causes. Sometimes, it could be just one.

When hair stops shining

  • Malnourished hair becomes lackluster in appearance. 
  • Hair that are handled harshly lose shine over time. For example, using hot blow dryers daily can make hair rough and wild. 
  • Hair undergone frequent salon treatments like bleach, color, perming, and others lack shine. This is due to breakdown of protein bonds of hair. 
  • Hair lacking in moisture is sure to lose sheen. Dry, brittle, or frizzy hair can never shine. 
  • Open cuticles create rough texture in the hair. This gives hair a damaged and dull appearance.

What to do?

Use Keranique, say experts. The brand offers a terrific collection of hair products that promise to revive hair shine within weeks. Its shampoo and conditioner are designed to add volume and shine to hair.

According to experts, hair must have a smooth texture to exude shine. When light gets reflected uniformly on smooth surface, it dazzles beautifully. The same happens to hair. Your hair cuticles must lie flat against each other to create a smooth hair texture. According to Keranique customer service, the brand’s shampoo and conditioner are tailor-made to do this.

They form a protective keratin coat around cuticles and make them overlap or lie flat. This makes the hair smooth, soft, and shiny. Users experience this wonderful phenomenon in the first wash itself, as they report.

So, if your tresses are dull and lifeless, you simply need a change in shampoo. Check your diet too. Sometimes, it could be due to nutritional deficiency. Although Keranique’s shampoo is fortified with nourishing elements, you still need a protein-rich diet to maintain hair’s protein bonds. For more details of the brand’s products, please contact Keranique customer service.

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