Keranique Customer Service & Cuticle-Repairing Shampoo

Why did your hair lose its shine? A major reason, say experts, is cracked or open cuticles. When this happens, hair texture loses smoothness. Light cannot be reflected evenly from rough surface, so, naturally, the surface won’t exude shine. The same has happened to your hair.

Shampoo that repairs cuticles
According to Keranique customer service, the brand offers Hair Revitalizing Shampoo that promises to close cuticles and smoothen hair texture. This increases shine of hair. Sealed cuticles give strength and resilience to hair. They act as shield to hair cortex, which is the innermost structure of hair. When cortex gets exposed due to cuticle damage your hair become vulnerable to breakage and more damage.

Yet another reason for hair to lose their luster is poor diet, say experts. Hair is made of protein called keratin. You must consume a protein-rich diet to maintain strong, lustrous hair. Nowadays, advanced hair shampoos contain keratin substances that form a protective film around cuticles. This film acts as sunscreen and barrier against damaging elements like heat of styling tools. The film also traps moisture in hair shaft. This keeps your hair well moisturized, rendering them a soft texture.

According to Keranique customer service, the brand’s shampoo does all the above. The keratin film adds volume to each strand, giving your mane a wondrous fullness. Overall, your hair attains quite a charm after a wash with Keranique’s shampoo. It revitalizes your mane, say reviews.

Shampoo plays a vital role in hair health. Healthy hair, automatically, exude beauty. There is no match for a mane that is well nourished, hydrated, and protected. Experts advise women with thinning hair to buy Keranique for hair care. The brand is devised especially to target damaged, thinning manes, say reviews. Market reports show that the brand has more than a million takers at present.

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