Keranique Customer Service & Its Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Are your hair strands becoming rough and unmanageable lately? Perhaps you need a change in shampoo. Most of the times, shampoo is the culprit. Local shampoos, usually, contain sulfates viz; sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and more. This is a group of strong detergents meant to cut grease and oil from hard surfaces.

Here lies the glitch.

Trichologists explain that hair strands are delicate protein structures that require mild wash. So, sulfates are actually unnecessary for washing hair. Of course, they give a lot of foam; but they strip off moisture from your hair, leaving them rough and dry. Your hair could do without a foamy, strong wash.

Shampoo that your hair need
If you contact Keranique customer service, you will realize that the brand contains a nice sulfate-free shampoo that not only cleanses hair gently, but also nourishes them. Reviews say that it helps to balance the pH level of the scalp. This is important for healthy hair growth. The shampoo also helps to remove previous chemical buildup from scalp. This is important too. Imbalanced pH level and deposits on scalp can make follicle function go haywire, inform experts.

Keranique reviews clearly show a positive response of users for this shampoo. Its wonderful ability to add oodles of volume to hair has won the hearts of women. This is an ideal choice for thinning manes, say experts, who call this shampoo “hair tonic.”

Expert advice
If you wish to restore silkiness in your hair, start using sulfate-free shampoo. You will see the change in one or two washes. Users of Keranique’s shampoo say that they feel their scalp has completely rejuvenated itself. It is akin to hair spa. The shampoo leaves their hair perfectly moisturized and manageable. Regular use restores the sheen of tresses.

For details on this shampoo, please contact Keranique customer service.

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