Keranique Shampoo: Why Every Woman Must Use This

According to Keranique reviews, the brand’s shampoo is free of sulfates. This is one of the best features of the product, suggest experts. Sulfates are notorious for their drying effect on the hair.

How sulfates harm hair?
According to a study, sulfates squeeze every last drop of essential oil from the hair. Essential oil is needed for hair health and hydration. This explains why you usually feel itchy and dry on scalp after washing with a local, sulfate-laden shampoo. Prolonged use of such shampoo, according to studies, roughens hair texture. It snatches their luster and renders them lifeless.

Most local shampoos contain sulfates, reveals a report. Manufacturers use this group of detergents as they are available cheap. Besides, they create lots of foam. People love foamy washes under the shower, knowing little that they harm the hair.

According to Keranique reviews, the brand has created a storm in the market through its sulfate-free shampoo. The product is balanced in pH factor, so it takes care of scalp skin’s pH levels. This solves many scalp issues.

What do users say about Keranique shampoo?
In the first wash itself, users feel that their hair strands are fresh and rejuvenated. Their hair becomes unbelievably silky, smooth, shiny, and voluminous. Thanks to the absence of sulfates, the scalp retains its essential oils. This keeps hair well moisturized and full of luster.

Reviews say that the shampoo contains a keratin substance that creates a film around cuticles to seal them. This strengthens the hair and protects them from external damaging elements like the sun, humidity, pollution, and others. The film also reduces damage produced by the heat of styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, straightening rods, etc.

Good news: you can use the shampoo under Keranique risk free trial offer for 30 days without paying its actual price. Try it. Love it. Then buy it.

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