Spice-Colored Hair, Anyone?

Hair color has always charmed women. Be it temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, or permanent, those shades of color transform drab into glam. The burgundies, blues, pinks, and reds have always been subjects of desire, but how about going for salt and pepper hair?

White hair might be a sign of aging, but the salt-and-pepper look can be quite a transformer provided you know how to carry it off with panache. The best way to do that is progressively in the form of lowlights and highlights. A shade that matches your natural hair color is interwoven with your hair to provide a gorgeous salt-and-pepper look. Such hair looks cool in pixie-style or a bun or bob.

The trick lies in letting an expert hair stylist handle your hair. Avoid creating this look at home, particularly if you are not used to coloring your hair often.

If you are feeling apprehensive in trying this look, choose a temporary hair color in this shade. You can easily remove the color with a shampoo, since the coloring agents only coat your hair shafts. These are meant to transform just the physical appearance of your hair. They come as color rinses, color-enhancing shampoos, colored mousses, spray-on colors, or color mascaras.

Ladies in their 50s may want to appear classy, yet not destroy their natural look completely. The salt-and-pepper look is ideal for them. It matches your wisdom and maturity. If the young gals around you flaunt hair colors that are hot and electric, your salt-and-pepper look is spicy. Set the streets on fire with spice on your hair!

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