Sulfate Free Hair Products: The Latest Trend In Hair Care

Sulfate free hair products may come as a surprise to many people. For decades, they have been using their old, faithful, and sulfate-laden shampoo that cleanses the hair perfectly. However, a visit to a dermatologist would unveil the truth.

You would be shocked to learn that your scalp harbors a chemical buildup that is slowly blocking hair follicles. You may even stare at the dermatologist with disbelief when he or she tells you that the dry, irritable scalp and rough, straw-like hair you experience after frequent washes is due to sulfates present in your shampoo. You thought your shampoo was the best in the world.

Scientists have established that sulfates cause irritation of skin and scalp. They are also suspecting these compounds to be carcinogenic. This is the reason why sulfate free hair products are stealing the limelight nowadays. People are realizing that sulfates might be good cleansers, but they are not good for hair and scalp.

A typical Keranique hair care review reveals how women are turning towards gentle hair care products. Sulfates are strong surface cleaning agents. Industries like textile and others use them to remove grease and oil from hard surfaces. Your scalp does not need strong agents. It needs mild cleansers, along with nourishing elements.

Remember that your scalp harbors live cells, it is not some non-living surface. It needs nutrients that encourage life and growth, not some compound that provides such squeaky cleanliness that it wipes off even the essential elements from the surface. Read a Keranique hair care review to know the benefits of using hair products free of sulfates.

Sulfate free hair products produce less foam. Some people may not like this, but when they see the drastic difference in their hair quality, they will love the products.

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