Complete Set Of Products To Treat Thinning Hair

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Hair may begin to thin for various reasons. They may get damaged for various reasons too. That does not mean you cannot revive your thinning, damaged hair. In case you have started losing hair faster than the normal rate of up to 150 strands per day, you must sit up and take notice.

Keranique Deluxe Regrowth Treatment & Deep Hydration Set can help you. This is designed especially for thinning, weak, and damaged hair.

About the product

The set contains Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, Lift & Repair Treatment Spray, and Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women.

You must use all the products to see desired results. The shampoo and conditioner duo is supposed to cleanse scalp of all dirt, debris, and excess oil, plus previous product buildup, and moisturize and volumize hair.

The spray helps you style hair in a neat and chic manner. The regrowth treatment, which is FDA-approved, stimulates follicle function and helps to achieve fuller looking mane within a few months.

How to use Keranique Deluxe Regrowth Treatment & Deep Hydration Set
Wash hair and condition them with the duo products. Apply the hair regrowth treatment when hair are slightly damp. The treatment, which is in topical serum form with 2 per cent minoxidil, is meant to be applied on scalp directly. After applying it, do not rinse hair.

Finally, style hair using the spray for the ultimate finish and elegance. The spray helps you create various voluminous hairstyles, which you cannot create otherwise with thinning hair.

Qualities you will love

Each product is loaded with health and beauty enhancing qualities. Regular use of the set makes hair healthier, fuller, softer, shinier, and more manageable. Gradually, you will find a decrease in hair loss. Their overall quality and strength increase.

Good news: Keranique shampoo & hair products are available online. Time to grab the golden opportunity of fixing your thinning, damaged mane!